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Ambulatory Care Center

OGC negotiated a three-party lease and a working arrangement among Fairview, UMP, and the University in support of the Ambulatory Care Center.

Significant changes continue to be made at the Twin Cities Academic Health Center, with substantial involvement and support from OGC. A 330,000 square foot, $160 million Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) is under construction at 909 Fulton Street on the East Bank of the Twin Cities campus. The ACC is a public-private partnership among the University, Fairview Health Services (Fairview), and University of Minnesota Physicians (UMP). The center will consolidate in one building many outpatient clinics now housed in the Phillips-Wangensteen Building, the Masonic Cancer Center and the outpatient surgery center. Health professionals from Fairview and UMP will provide high caliber patient care in the center. University health professions students will be educated and vital medical research will be conducted there. Importantly, the University retained control over academic programs and decisions at the center. The University issued bonds to build and finance the ACC and will lease the space to Fairview and to a joint venture formed by Fairview and UMP. The lease payments will pay the University’s debt service on the bonds.

The ACC is a culmination of the initiatives conducted over the past few years to strengthen the AHC. This year, through a series of complex multi-party negotiations conducted over many months, OGC negotiated and drafted a Master Agreement setting forth the relationship of the parties in the use and operation of the ACC. Simultaneously, OGC negotiated and drafted two 30-year lease agreements for the space in the ACC, and agreements covering Fairview’s and UMP’s long-term use of a University-owned parking ramp and the construction and use of a surface lot. OGC also negotiated and drafted guaranties of the debt and acted as bond issuer’s counsel. The center is scheduled to open in 2016.

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