The Office of the General Counsel was created in 1981 to accomplish two goals for the University of Minnesota: ensure the best possible litigation outcomes, and minimize legal problems by offering proactive legal services. Few universities in the United States have an in house law office that offers the range of experience the OGC offers.

How Can the OGC Serve You?

The OGC meets the legal needs of the University by offering legal services in many areas, including those listed in the Legal Services section of this website. Each area is linked to a description of the area of law, and then to the particular associate general counsel who focuses on that area. By reading the information, you may be able to answer your own question, or at least be a better consumer of legal services.

Mission Statement

  • To safeguard the constitutional authority of the Board of Regents and those who act on its behalf to govern the University effectively.
  • To represent the University in adversarial forums zealously and in accordance with the highest standards of integrity and ethics.
  • To protect the University's legal interests in all transactions, thereby protecting the investment of the citizens of Minnesota in the University.
  • To provide preventive legal services and counsel to University officials so that all the institution's activities comply with applicable laws and University policies.
  • To protect the principles of due process in the University's treatment of faculty, staff, students, and all other members of the University community.


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