The University is a public entity and a Constitutional corporation, so there are legal and Board of Regents policy requirements for University contracts. To help you meet those requirements, follow these procedures.

  1. Use a contract from the Standard Contracts Library whenever possible. All non-standard contracts must have OGC approval. OGC has pre-approved the Standard Contracts. If you use those forms, no additional OGC review or approval is necessary. However, please see Item 3 below if additional approval is required. Revisit the Standard Contracts Library each time a contract is prepared to ensure you have the most current version. OGC will update Standard Contracts on a regular basis.
  2. Review the policy on Entering Into Contracts.
  3. Make sure the person signing the contract is authorized. Only persons with expressly delegated authority may sign contracts. See the President's Delegation of Authority Library.
  4. Obtain approval from the Subject Matter Expert for the following types of contracts: