Hotel Rental

Staff Contacts

University departments that are holding events off campus at a conference center or hotel must do so in accordance with the University administrative procedure requiring a written agreement. There are over ten approved contracts for Twin Cities’ area hotels and conference centers in the OGC Contracts Library. Holding the event at one of these facilities and using the standard contract form means that no additional OGC review is required, resulting in a speedier contracting process for departments. Contracts for University use of any other non-University facility require OGC review and approval. If a center or hotel provides a contract that has been previously approved by OGC for an earlier event at that hotel, and the contract for the upcoming event is identical to the previously approved contract, no additional OGC review is required. Hotel and conference center contracts that have not been previously approved should be sent for review to OGC. For additional information about use of non-University facilities for University events and/or help in negotiating hotel and conference center contracts, contact the Real Estate Office, at 5-5345 (612-625-5345, outstate) or

Please note that the above process should be followed for booking group guest room blocks and events at hotels and conference centers. Booking hotel rooms for individuals should be handled in accordance with the University’s Hospitality Policy.