Legal services


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) governs the privacy of student records. Under FERPA, information about personally identifiable students is private, except for “directory information.” Directory information is information that has been determined by the Board of Regents to be public. Even directory information must be kept private, however, if a student has exercised the right to “suppress” directory information—suppression status should always be checked before disclosing data as directory information.

Health Care and Medical Law

The Academic Health Center counsel provides legal advice and counsel to the Academic Health Center, including with regard to issues relating to professional liability and insurance and educational affiliation agreements.


University Corporate and Affiliated Entities

The University is a complex organization with operations around the state, the country and the world. It frequently partners with other government agencies and departments, non-governmental organizations, and private companies to conduct research, teach and provide services and information to the community. It creates entities, alone or in collaboration with others. It provides human and technical resources to independent entities. These arrangements further the University’s mission, bringing needed capital, resources, and knowledge to support University programs and activities.


Trademarks are indicators of unique source. They contribute to the University’s mission in multiple ways, both through their primary function and by generating revenues through licensing.

Technology Transfer

Greg Brown, Arnie Frishman, and Paul Savereide provide advice the Office for Technology Commercialization (OTC), the office at the University whose mission is to facilitate the transfer of University of Minnesota technology to licensee for the development of new products and services that benefit the public good, foster economic growth and generate revenue to support the University’s research and educational goals.

Student Misconduct

Student Conduct

The OGC advises faculty, administrators, panels, and other decision makers at the University regarding student conduct and discipline under the Board of Regents Policy: Student Conduct Code and other campus, college, and program conduct policies and procedures. Students are entitled to due process and compliance with governing policies and procedures before their status as students can be affected by disciplinary charges.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs covers a broad spectrum of issues affecting student life and education—from admission, to student finance, to housing, to student conduct, to student privacy, to graduation and departure from the University. While OGC can advise in any of these areas, you might find some of the following information helpful. Contact Carrie Ryan Gallia for advice and counsel regarding these issues.

Sponsored Project/Grant

Senior Associate General Counsel Arnie Frishman is OGC's primary counsel and contact for the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA).  Arnie, together with Senior Associate General Counsel Paul Savereide, advise SPA regarding non-standard terms in grants, contracts and other sponsored project agreements and assist in drafting and negotiating complex agreements.

Sell Goods or Services, Including Lab Time

Paul Savereide advises University units system wide on non-standard contracts relating to the Selling of Goods and Services and/or Lab Time, which are considered part of External Sales. Standard external sales contract templates have been developed for such activities, and if utilized without changes, no OGC review or approval is needed. However, many times external sales customers either want their own contract utilized or they request changes to the University standard templates.

Real Estate

Lease, License, and Use Agreement

According to University Administrative Policy, the Real Estate Office must approve any agreement to use or lease real estate (land and buildings, including space within a building).