Sponsored Project/Grant and UFRA (Unfunded Research Agreements)

Arnie Frishman and Liz Lim are OGC's primary counsel and contacts for the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA). OGC advises SPA regarding non-standard terms in grants, contracts and other sponsored project agreements and assists in drafting and negotiating complex agreements. In the first instance, the principal investigator/project director (PI/PD) should direct a proposed agreement to SPA. The PI/PD should alert the SPA grant administrator if there is a legal concern or other complexity that may require involvement of counsel. SPA will evaluate the issue and seek legal advice from OGC as needed. In addition to funding agreements, SPA handles a range of other agreements relating to research, such as material transfer agreements (materials coming to the University to conduct research), confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, data use agreements, collaboration agreements, MOUs, and others. These agreements are reviewed, negotiated and signed by the unfunded research agreements group (UFRA) within SPA. As with funding agreements, PIs/PDs should direct these agreements to SPA in the first instance; SPA will involve OGC if and as needed. For material transfer agreements and other more complex agreements, PIs/PDs should use the MTARF routing form to direct the contract to SPA. For simpler agreements, contact the UFRA group via email, and SPA can set up the file in the UFRA database.