Student Affairs

Staff Contacts

Student Affairs covers a broad spectrum of issues affecting student life and education—from admission, to student finance, to housing, to student conduct, to student privacy, to graduation and departure from the University. While OGC can advise in any of these areas, you might find some of the following information helpful. Contact Carrie Ryan Gallia for advice and counsel regarding these issues.

Student Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) governs the privacy of student records. Under FERPA, information about personally identifiable students is private, except for “directory information.” Directory information is information that has been determined by the Board of Regents to be public. Even directory information must be kept private, however, if a student has exercised the right to “suppress” directory information—suppression status should always be checked before disclosing data as directory information. Private education records may only be shared within the institution with school officials who have a legitimate educational interest, or as otherwise authorized by law. You can find more information on student records at the One Stop webpage, including a short FERPA tutorial. The University’s administrative policy on Managing Student Records is also instructive.

Student Conduct

The OGC advises faculty, administrators, panels, and other decision makers at the University regarding student conduct and discipline under the Board of Regents Policy: Student Conduct Code and other campus, college, and program conduct policies and procedures. Students are entitled to due process and compliance with governing policies and procedures before their status as students can be affected by disciplinary charges. Campus and some college processes vary, and it is important that University personnel are aware of and follow the applicable procedure. The University’s system-wide administrative policy on Resolving Alleged Student Conduct Code Violations provides additional information, including contact information for each campus’s conduct officer, and links to some, but not all, campus procedures. The OGC also represents the University in any judicial challenges to student discipline.

Student Academic Complaints

Students have the right to bring complaints against the University for violations of a University rule, policy, or established practice in connection with the University’s provision of education and academic services. This student complaint process is governed by the University’s policy Addressing Student Academic Complaints.