Legal Defense and Indemnification of University Employees

What if there is a legal claim against me based on something I did at work?

From time to time, individual University employees are sued as a result of their activities as University employees. For example, University employees are occasionally involved in automobile accidents in which the plaintiffs sue the University and the driver of the University of Minnesota vehicle. Employment disputes may involve an individual supervisor or administrator. An individual employee's right to be defended and/or indemnified at the University's expense is governed either by a collective bargaining agreement or by Regents' policy, both of which generally provide for defense and indemnification when an employee is acting within the scope and course of his or her duties. For the exact conditions of the provision which applies to you, consult your collective bargaining agreement or the Regents' Policy on Legal Defense & Indemnification of Employees (PDF). Under the Regents' policy, decisions regarding defense and indemnification are made by the President. The President refers such requests to the General Counsel for investigation and a recommendation. In order to assist in that investigation, a Statement of Eligibility (PDF) form has been developed to assist employees in stating their requests in appropriate terms. Any request for defense and indemnification should be accompanied by this statement of eligibility.