Student Issues

The class I teach is going on a trip. Should I get a consent form from the students?

It is generally a good idea to have all participants in any off-campus activity, particularly overnight and/or out-of-town travel, to read and sign a form acknowledging their understanding of the planned activity and their willingness to accept the risk. Of course, trip leaders should take all reasonable precautions for safety. If you are leading a trip, consider using a field trip release. Please contact the Office of the General Counsel for questions about its applicability to your specific situation.

Students in my program must complete an internship as part of their degree requirements. Should we have a written agreement with every site where the students do their internships?

Affiliation agreements for each site are required for programs in the health professions where students perform patient care duties as part of their training. These agreements typically address issues such as supervisory responsibilities, professional liability insurance for the students, and indemnification requirements. Other programs outside the health professions are not required to have written agreements, but may be asked to sign one by the internship site or may find it useful to establish an affiliation agreement with sites that are closely connected to the University's program. All affiliation agreements must be signed by an appropriate central University officer, or by Dr. Roby Thompson for agreements in the Academic Health Center. A model agreement can be obtained by calling Kaley Klanica at 612-624-4100.